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The below apple varieties are available and are at the peak of season from september through october.

Apple varieties. More than 100 apple varieties are grown commercially in the united states but a total of 15 popular varieties account for almost 90 percent of production. Washington us 2011 the autumn glory variety is a hybrid of the fuji apple and the golden delicious apple featuring a red over golden background. The golden delicious is a perfect pick for any recipe.

New york grows more apple varieties than any other state. With new york apples you have more great choices for eating and snacking baking and cooking sauces and desserts and other great ideas. A very old apple variety with a drab appearance which belies a unique peardrop flavour.

Some disease resistant and tasty varieties have been developed through a joint breeding program of purdue rutgers and university of illinois. There are certain varieties that are better for cooking and other varieties that are best for eating out of hand. Very sweet firm flesh with a subtle cinnamon flavour.

For apple pear plum cherry and orchard fruit enthusiasts tasting notes fruit identification flavors and relationships of hundreds varieties. This colorful apple is crunchy and sweet with a firm and very juicy flesh. Sweet and mellow this crisp apple has a tender golden skin and its flesh stays white after slicing for longer than other apple varieties.

All about apples pears plums and cherries and orchards where they are grown. They do well in soups salads appetizers entrees and of course in desserts. Here is a list of apples and their best uses.

Medium size sweet juicy crisp firm very long storage life. Ashmeads kernel is also one of very small number of english apple varieties that also thrives in north america. Apples are the quintessential northwest fruit and they are one of the most versatile foods in the kitchen.

Enjoy as a snack in homemade applesauce or add slices to a salad or grilled cheese quesdilla for a sweet crunch. Prima priscilla priam sir prize jonafree redfree dayton williams pride and mcshay varieties came out of this program.

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